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  • Neighborhood Change Database - includes Tract level data from 1970, 1980, 1990 and 2000 all normalized to the 2010 tract boundaries. NCDB also includes 2010 SF1 and ACS data sets. You can easily do time series analysis covering 5 decades of data all in a common boundary set.
  • 1990 Long Form in 2010 Boundaries - this data set has all of the 1990 Long Form variables normalized to the new 2010 boundaries. Allowing for easy comparable analysis between 1990 and 2010 data sets.
  • Batch Site Report - allows you to easily run a 3-ring radii report around an entire database of addresses. So you can process a hundred, a thousand, even a hundred thousand addresses in an single pass.
  • Planners Package 2013 - ideal for time series analysis, this package includes 2000 Long Form in 2010 Boundaries, 2010 American Community Survey, 2014 Estimates and 2019 Projections. You can also add 1990 Long Form in 2010 Boundaries for a nearly 4 decade span of demographic data all placed within the same 2010 census boundaries.
  • 2014 Estimates / 2019 Projections - are based upon the 2010 Census and 2010 ACS files and then modeled out to the current year estimates and 5 year projections at the nation, state, county, zip code, tract, and block group levels. Our estimates are available at three different levels: Estimates Basic which gives all of the basic variables you need (age, race, gender, income, owners vs renters), then our Estimates Professional which has the basic variables plus consumer expenditures, educational attainment and ageXrageXgender. And lastly there is our Estimates Premium which adds employment and poverty figures in addition to the others.
  • 2000 Long Form (SF3) in 2010 Boundaries - this includes all of the 2000 Long Form variables cross-walked to the new 2010 boundaries. Allowing for easy apples-to-apples comparisons between 2000 and 2010 data sets.
  • 2012 American Community Survey - the most current look at the American population. The 2012 ACS contains data on Income, Employment, Educational Attainment, Housing Value, etc and is now available. The ACS replaces the Long Form (SF3) which the US Census Bureau is no longer collecting..
  • Zip+4 2013 - Zip+4 2013 includes Latitude, Longitude, 2010 Block, Block Group, Tract, County, and State codes, as well as an additional 130 demographic variables from the 2006-2010 American Community Survey (ACS) that can be appended to your zip+4 records. The expanded version of the Zip+4 2013 with 2014 Estimates & 2019 Projections has even more up-to-date demographic data that you can append to your zip+4 records.
  • Summary File 1 (SF1) 2010 in 2000 Boundaries allows you to compare the 2010 Summary File 1 numbers to the 2000 census data (and the data normalized to the 2000 boundaries). This includes Total Population, Race, Age, Gender etc.
  • 2010 Census Comprised of Redistricting and Summary File 1. They provide counts of the total population, race, ethnicity, age, family structure and housing units for each of the new 2010 geographic areas. These products also include all of the boundary files for these geographies.
  • 2013 Block Estimates the 2013 population and housing estimates at the Block Level, the Census Bureau's smallest geography.
  • GeocodeDVD - Improved address matching with the latest TIGER/Line Shapefiles and the ability to map the addresses on a built-in map viewer.
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  • Register to Test-Drive all of our Online Products including our latest Estimates and Projections, 2010 Census, Normalized Census data, and Historic Censuses. We also have online access to our Site Reports and Geocoding capabilities.
  • 2013 Estimates and 2018 Projections now available online
  • FREE Site Report - run a free site report for 3 radii for any address in the US.
  • FREE Geocoding - geocode a single address or a batch of up to 100 addresses at a pass.
  • FREE Census 2000 Data and download data directly onto your PC quickly and easily
  • Products available online:
    • Census 2010 Redistricting and Summary File 1
    • Estimates and Projections Basic, Professional and Premium for current years and previous ones
    • Geocoding services
    • Site Reports
    • Census 2000 Long Form (SF3), Short Form (SF1) and Redistricting
    • Normalized Data (1990 in 2000 Boundaries, 1980 in 2000 Boundaries, Neighborhood Change Database)
    • Bundled Packages (Planners Package 1990, 2000, 2010, 2013 and 2018 in 2010 boundaries)
    • Historic Census 1990, 1980 and 1970 Long Forms (STF3)

GeoLytics is an industry leader, providing demographic data, census demographics, market research data, and geocoding for social researchers and business marketing since 1996. Our easy-to-use software comes with built-in mapping capabilities that create thematic maps for instant spatial display of your demographic information. Business and marketing personnel use GeoLytics data for target marketing, customer profiling, and business site selection. More than 4,000 libraries, universities, and government agencies trust GeoLytics for our population estimates, population projections,
and GIS data.

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